This event aims to celebrate students, teachers and parents for being with us throughout this year.  The purpose of this ceremony is to celebrate the students’ graduation from preschool. We also would showcase students’ talent through performances. Parents can enjoy and be proud of the children performances.

               The ceremony starts at 9:00 a.m where parents arrives at the hall and register their attendance. Followed by montage presentation, recitation of Surah by students representative. At 9:45 a.m. A speech by our advisor, Sheikh Soleh Yousef. The event continues with hadith recitation. Teacher representative gave speech right after, and followed by the highlight of the event, students’ performance. The students prepared to perform on the stages two weeks before. They performed coral speaking. As their performance ended, it is time for representative from the parents to give speech.

               Soon, it is time for the graduation ceremony; each student will be called to received certificates and present give out by our Advisor. The ceremony ends after photography session with staff, parents and students. Everyone enjoy the delightful food brought by parents and staff.

                 Everyone enjoy and cherish the moments together. Parents feel proud seeing their children up on the stage. The event has met its objectives as everyone who attend are satisfied and delighted by the event.