Bahasa Inggeris Level 2




Phonic sound/ Unit 12: Welcome to My Town

Unit Learning Outcomes

Two Consonant Blends/ Parts of city

Lesson 1

Sound of nd

Lessons Learning Outcomes

i. Able to make a sound of ‘nd’
ii. Can list the words ending with nd – and, sand, hand, pond and fond.


Class 1: 
1. Read and easy
2. Write using finger.
3. Write on a paper.
4. Make letters with plasticine.
5. Listen to the sound.

Lesson 2

BI 2.3.5 Read simple sentences BI 3.2.8 Write familiar words and phrases in legible print.

Lessons Learning Outcomes

i. Students know the function of each buildings.
ii. Students know what buildings usually exist in a city.


Class 2:
Activities – 30 minutes
1. Talk a walk through your neighborhood or a historic neighborhood in your city.
2. Visit your local firestation
3. Play doctor and pretend you’re in a hospital setting.
4. Ask questions
– If you are sick, where you have to go?
– If you want to eat, where can you get it?
– If you want to learn, where can you go?

Exercise – 30 minutes
page 31 & 32


Kelas 1

Read and Easy Book 6

Kelas 2

English Book 2 (6 years old)