Bahasa Inggeris Level 2




Phonic sound/ Unit 11: Moving Around

Unit Learning Outcomes


Lesson 1

Sound of z

Lessons Learning Outcomes

i. Able to make a sound of ‘z’
ii. Can list the words begin with z – zip, zebra and zoo.


Class 1: 
1. Read and easy
2. Write using finger.
3. Write on a paper.
4. Make letters with plasticine.

Lesson 2

BI 3.2.8 Write familiar words and phrases in legible print. BI 3.2.1 Write recognisable letters.

Lessons Learning Outcomes

i. Students learn about the uniqueness and similarity of the different vehicles.
ii. Students will be able to identify different modes of transportation and the vehicles used for each mode.


Class 2:
1. Make a revision about modes of transportation by asking students to list the example of each mode.
2. Be sure to provide a variety of books about types of cars and trucks as well as magazines that show colorful pictures of different vehicles in the class.
3. Coloring Pages or printables with the names of the transportation vehicles are also great for them to become familiar with the names of the vehicle as shown.
4. It is a great idea to bring in some model or toy cars and trucks etc. that depict the mode of transportation you are discussing.
5. Try to have toy cars and vehicles on the toy shelf and possibly a small play carpet that has a city or neighborhood on it with small roads and waterways.
6. This will give the children an opportunity to use the toys and put them into action.
7. Exercise on page 26-28.


Kelas 1

Read and Easy Book 6

Kelas 2

English Book 2 (6 years old)