Bahasa Inggeris Level 2




Phonic sound/ Unit 7: Fruits

Unit Learning Outcomes

Revision/ Rambutan and Papaya

Lesson 1

Sound of r,l,j

Lessons Learning Outcomes

i. To test student understanding for past few weeks of phonics sound.
ii. Students able to give examples of words begin with selected letters.


Class 1: 
1. Watch youtube videos to make them memorize the example words.
2. Ask students to list the words they know.
3. Draw the words that they mention. Example, J for Jam.

Lesson 2

BI 3.2.8 Write familiar words and phrases in legible print.

Lessons Learning Outcomes

i. Students will learn why it is important to eat different colored fruits and vegetables
every day.
– to help you grow and to keep you healthy.
ii. Students know the characteristics of rambutan and papaya.


Class 2:
Activities – 30 minutes
Teacher: What fruit is this? (pointing at the green apple)
Students: It’s an apple!
Teacher: Yes, that’s right! And what color is it?
Students: Green!
Teacher: Right! Good job! (reading a story about an apple)
Play the fruit wall touch game
1. Print out picture of fruits and tape them on a wall.
2. Ask students to touch their favourite food.
3. Encourage them to say “I like….” each time they touch the picture
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Kelas 1

Kelas 2

Picture of papaya and banana ( big picture ) Tape 
English Book 1 (6 years old)