Bahasa Inggeris Level 1




Phonic sound/Unit 11: My Face and Body

Unit Learning Outcomes

Reading /Parts of Face

Lesson 1

Sound of y

Lessons Learning Outcomes

i. Able to make a sound of ‘y’
ii. Can list the words begin with v – yacht, yo-yo, yarn.
iii. Students able to spell van and vet.


Class 1:
1. Read and easy
2. Write using finger.
3. Write on a paper.

Lesson 2

BI 1.2.2 Listen to and sing songs. BI 2.3.2 Read familiar words printed in the surrounding. BI 3.1.3 Engage in hand-eye coordination through scribbling, drawing lines and patterns.

Lessons Learning Outcomes

i. Students know the name of each body part.
ii. Students know the function of each part.
iii. Students love and take a good care of their body.


Class 2:
Activities (30 minutes)
1. Sing a body song and ask students to touch the body parts mentioned in the song.
2. Exercise page 37 & 38

Project (30 minutes)
Hand Painting
Put large sheets of paper and have the children, 2 or 3 at a time, dip their hand in fingerpaint and make a group handprint picture!


Kelas 1

Kelas 2

Materials needed:
newspaper, fingerpaint, fingerpaint paper or large pieces of paper; shallow trays for paint, bin with warm soapy water and towels.